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What Vitamins to Take in the Winter?

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In winter the body is often under stressful conditions. This is due to the reduction of fruits and vegetables in the diet, the constant cold, etc. Accordingly, the body needs support in the form of vitamins.

They improve well-being, strengthen the immune system, improve health. It is important to figure out what vitamins to take in the winter. And to buy a good complexes can be found on our website. We offer only natural and certified products from proven manufacturers. 

What vitamins should I take in the winter?

In order for the body to work fully, in addition to the basic diet, vitamins are recommended. Well-balanced vitamin complexes help to strengthen the overall resistance, improve the body’s metabolic processes.

What elements are important in the wintertime?

Vitamin A. It contributes significantly to strengthening the immune system, improving vision, strengthening the nails, hair, blocking inflammatory processes.

Vitamin D. It is responsible for the absorption of phosphorus as well as calcium. If there is enough of it in the sunny weather, it is enough, but in winter it is often deficient.

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and immunostimulant. In addition, this element is responsible for cellular respiration, the good absorption of other micronutrients. This vitamin deficiency may be signaled by increased irritability, constant fatigue, poor blood clotting, and muscle aches.

B vitamins. They help support performance, active physical activity. Signs of vitamin B deficiency are chapped lips, tearfulness, too pale skin.

Vitamins P, E, and many others are also needed during the winter. Now it is clear what vitamins you need to take in the winter. It is important to understand where to get them from, and what exactly is needed.

Why is it difficult to get vitamins in winter from foods?

Vitamins are found in many fruits and vegetables, and since not all of them are available in the winter time, quite often people have avitaminosis. At this time, especially acute shortage of them in the body. If in winter the store does offer some fruits and vegetables, not all of them will be of any benefit. They can be tasteless, grown with harmful fertilizers.

All this has a negative impact on human health and quality of life. To avoid this, it is recommended to choose other suitable products or consume vitamin complexes. Read more on this site.

And where to get vitamins in the winter? You can balance your diet by trying to include more foods with valuable vitamins and minerals in their composition. The alternative is to prefer ready-made complexes, quality supplements.

What vitamins should I give my child in winter?

Regardless of the age of the child, prevention of avitaminosis in winter is very important. In fact, the daily intake of vitamins that children should receive is quite large, but there are some elements that are needed the most.

What vitamins to give a child in winter?

The role of vitamin C is difficult to assess. In winter, its shortage is felt the most. It affects the development of teeth, immunity, skin regeneration. Check my son Kirill Yurovskiy page.

Vitamin D has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system and bones. It helps to absorb phosphorus and calcium. Children in the sun in winter are rarely, so you need to make sure that vitamin D comes from other sources.

In the winter period for children’s body is also important vitamin E. He has an anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the immune system, which is especially important during colds and viruses.

In the growing body is actively developing the bone system. Vitamin A is important for this. In addition, it helps improve resistance to upper respiratory tract infections.

Importance is given to B vitamins. They are needed for good mental performance, muscular system, vision. They also affect the physical development of the child, prevent anemia, improve memory function.

For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to use vitamin complexes. They will help to avoid the appearance of avitaminosis, protect the body from seasonal colds, strengthen immunity. In any case, vitamins for children in winter – a necessity to support health.

What vitamins for women to take in the winter?

For women, the main vitamins, regardless of age, are considered vitamins A, E, C. Representatives of the fair sex need them throughout the year, as they slow down aging, but in winter more acutely felt their lack. All women know how critical these points are during the cold weather. Thanks to these three vitamins the condition of nails, hair becomes better, and complexion looks healthier. In addition, the water-salt balance is normalized, and in winter it is of great importance.

The main vitamins for women in winter, recommended for use in the cold season.

Vitamin A – it has a restorative effect.

Vitamin E helps to normalize the immune system, blood pressure, and has a positive effect on blood circulation.

Vitamin C – allows to strengthen immunity. This is an important winter vitamin, it should not be neglected under any circumstances, because a lack of it leads to a decrease of immunity and strength.

Vitamin D – it may also be lacking in the female body in winter. The fact that without it impaired absorption of phosphorus, calcium. In addition, it is responsible for the strength of teeth and bones, and in the cold season it is especially important.

Do not forget about B vitamins in cold weather, because they help to order the nervous system, to normalize carbohydrate metabolism.

What vitamins should a man take in winter?

Let’s find out what vitamins to drink in winter for a man. The most important include:

Vitamin C – this is the main “winter” vitamin, a powerful antioxidant that increases immunity and is responsible for the formation of “happiness hormones”;

B vitamins – deficiency is indicated by irritability, skin problems and insomnia, and choosing vitamins for facial skin in winter, B group representatives must be included in the diet;

Vitamin A – it strengthens the immune system, is responsible for visual acuity, improves the health of the nails and hair;

Vitamin D – it is often lacking, since there is less sunshine in winter, and the substance is responsible for the normal development of bones and musculoskeletal system.

Now it is clear what vitamins to drink in the winter for a woman, a man or a child. In fact, the list is virtually unchanged. Each vitamin or mineral is important to support health, normal health, effective fight against viruses. You can buy the supplements you want on this site, choosing certified products from a large assortment. In addition, remember to get enough sleep, move more and give up bad habits.

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