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Dikkiloona: A Dive into the Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy

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“Dikkiloona,” a notable entry in the Tamil cinema, is a science fiction romantic comedy that has captivated audiences with its unique blend of humor, romance, and time-travel elements. Directed by Karthik Yogi, the film stars the versatile actor Santhanam in a triple role, showcasing his diverse acting skills. The movie was released in 2021 and has since garnered attention for its innovative storyline and engaging narrative.

Dikkiloona Overview

GenreScience Fiction, Romantic Comedy
Lead ActorSanthanam
DirectorKarthik Yogi
Release Year2021
StorylineThe film centers around a man named Mani (Santhanam), who gets an opportunity to travel back in time using a time machine. His objective is to alter his past, focusing on changing events related to his romantic life. However, his tampering with time leads to a series of comedic and unexpected events.

Dikkiloona Cast and Characters

ActorCharacterRole Description
SanthanamManiThe protagonist who travels back in time.
AnaghaThe Love InterestMani’s romantic interest, pivotal to the plot.
Harbhajan SinghSpecial AppearanceAdds a twist to the storyline.
OthersVariousSupporting cast members who contribute significantly to the story’s progression.

Dikkiloona Production and Release

Production HouseSoldiers Factory, KJR Studios
Music DirectorYuvan Shankar Raja
Release DateSeptember 10, 2021
PlatformInitially released in theaters; later available on streaming platforms.

Dikkiloona Reception and Impact

Box OfficeHad a moderate performance at the box office.
Critical ReceptionReceived mixed reviews; praised for its humor and Santhanam’s performance, but critiqued for predictability in the plot.
Audience ResponseGained a cult following among fans of science fiction and comedy genres.

What is the story of Dikkiloona?

Plot“Dikkiloona” revolves around a character named Mani, played by Santhanam, who gains access to a time machine. He decides to use it to travel back in time with the hope of changing his past, specifically his romantic relationships. However, his actions result in a series of unexpected and comedic consequences, leading to a complex narrative involving multiple timelines.
ThemesThe film combines elements of science fiction, particularly time travel, with romantic comedy, exploring themes of love, fate, and the consequences of altering the past.

Where is dikkiloona available?

PlatformAvailability StatusNotes
Theatrical ReleaseReleased in 2021Initially premiered in theaters.
OTT PlatformsAvailableThe film might be available on popular OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or regional streaming services. The exact platform availability can vary.
YouTubeUncertainFull movie availability on YouTube is subject to copyright policies.
Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, KuttymoviesNot RecommendedThese sites are known for piracy and are not legal sources for movie downloads.

Dikkiloona actress

Lead Actor (Mani)SanthanamPortrays the protagonist who travels back in time.
Lead ActressAnaghaPlays the romantic interest, central to the film’s plot.
Supporting CastVariousIncludes other actors who contribute to the film’s narrative.

Dikkiloona Additional Information

TrailerThe trailer for “Dikkiloona” can be found on official movie trailers channels on YouTube or on the OTT platforms where the movie is available.
Hindi Dubbed VersionThe availability of a Hindi dubbed version depends on the distribution and rights. It may be available on certain OTT platforms or television channels catering to a Hindi-speaking audience.


“Dikkiloona” stands out in the realm of Tamil cinema for its attempt to fuse science fiction with romantic comedy. While it navigates through the complexities of time travel, the essence of the film remains light-hearted and humorous. Santhanam’s performance, in particular, has been a highlight, bringing life to the multifaceted characters. Despite mixed reviews, the film continues to be appreciated for its daring approach and entertaining storyline.

Dikki Loona