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Top 8 EV Charger Companies in China

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The rising consciousness of the environmental advantages and financial savings offered by electric cars (EVs) has raised their appeal. Many businesses that provide EV charging services have formed to ensure that EVs are always charged and ready for use.

This article will review the top 8 EV Charger companies in China, which are at the forefront of providing EV charging solutions. These companies include Electrly, Mida, Star Charge, Beny, XPENG, Weeyu, NIO, Phihong, XCHARGE, and Bluesky.

The Top 8 EV Charger Companies in China

  1. Electrly – Overall best 
  2. Mida – The most reliable
  3. Star Charge – Most Innovative
  4. Beny – Most versatile
  5. XPENG – Known for forward-thinking
  6. Weeyu – Most progressive
  7. NIO – Most advanced
  8. Phihong – Cutting-edge


Electrly is one of the best EV charger companies. Etablished in 2015, they develop clever and useful charging solutions for electric vehicles. They offer a really impressive range of EV charging equipment, including portable chargers, level 1 and level 2 AC chargers, DC fast chargers, power modules, and other related products, to both individual consumers and businesses.

With their products available in over 30+ nations, Electrly has earned a reputation as a leading producer of EV chargers. They are particularly well-known in China, one of the countries that lead the world in this industry. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because they have something to offer whether you’re a regular car owner or a large company looking to invest in EV charging solutions. For further details, check out here.


  • Safe and Reliable Products
  • 24/7 Support
  • Quick Delivery
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Competitive Price


  • Products and services may be more expensive compared to other EV charging providers
  • Limited network coverage


MIDA is a top supplier of electric vehicle charging solutions, providing high-caliber stations for residential and commercial use. Their charging stations have received a lot of praise for their cutting-edge, user-friendly designs and sophisticated technology, which enables faster charging and more effective energy management.


  • Innovative Design
  • User-Friendly Features
  • Efficient Energy Management


  • Require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, which may be a hassle for some users
  • Require professional installation, which may be an additional cost and inconvenience for users

Star Charge

Star Charge is a Chinese company that specializes in providing electric vehicle charging solutions, such as charging equipment and infrastructure, for various EVs, including cars, buses, and trucks. Their product portfolio comprises charging stations, DC fast chargers, AC chargers, and charging management systems catering to public and private charging applications. Additionally, they offer their customers various charging options, from standard to fast charging.


  • Wide range of EV charging solutions
  • Partnerships with major automakers


  • Limited global presence


Beny is a reputable manufacturer specializing in creating high-quality DC protection devices and electric vehicle charging stations. With an annual production capacity that spans hundreds of thousands of units, they are a dependable supplier of solutions related to solar photovoltaic systems, battery energy storage, and EV charging infrastructure.


  • High-Quality Products
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Large Production Capacity


  • Products are highly technical and require expertise to install and maintain
  • Products are more expensive than some of their competitors


XPeng Inc. is a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets smart EVs. The company started in Guangzhou, China, in 2014. XPeng’s product line includes the G3 compact SUV, the P7 sports sedan, and the upcoming P5 family sedan. The company wants to make its cars high-tech. 

They’re adding things like computers that drive the car themselves, smart computers that can think like humans, and devices that can connect to the internet. All of this will make driving a lot smarter and more connected. XPeng has expanded its charging infrastructure network across China to support growing EV demand. 


  • Advanced technology integration
  • Growing charging infrastructure
  • Strong product line


  • Higher upfront cost
  • Limited charging infrastructure


Sichuan Weiyu Electric is a subsidiary of Sichuan Injet Electric, with 25 years of experience in development and technical expertise. They specialize in designing and manufacturing EVSE modules, including charging piles and stations. Their products meet various EV charging standards and are exported to countries worldwide. 

Weiyu Electric has a strong technical team and has produced over 50 design patents, with nine series of more than 30 types of products. Their focus on innovation and design ensures that they can provide high-quality products that meet the growing demand of the EV market.


  • Reliable quality control system
  • Products are exported to countries worldwide, indicating their global presence and reputation.


  • Higher pricing
  • Complexity of installation and maintenance 

Other EV Charger Companies In China

There are many other EV charger companies besides the ones discussed above. These companies include  NIO, Phihong, XCHARGE, and Bluesky. While these companies offer similar services, they are not well-known or established as the ones mentioned.

Compared to the EV charger companies discussed above, the other companies tend to have fewer features, less information, and more limited availability. Of all the companies mentioned above, Electrly ranks best in quality, reliability, and user reviews.


The EV charging industry in China is expanding rapidly, with several companies offering EV charging solutions. Out of the top 8 companies, Electrly is the best choice overall because of its extensive range of EV charging equipment, unwavering focus on safety and reliability, 24/7 customer support, and personalized solutions. 

Although Electrly’s products and services are pricier than those of other EV charging providers, the company is a leading producer of high-quality EV chargers and has a strong global presence in over 30 countries. 

Whether you’re an individual EV owner or a large corporation looking for EV charging solutions, Electrly has something to offer. To summarise, Electrly is an excellent option for anyone who values dependable and top-notch EV charging solutions.

Dikki Loona