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5 Ways to Do a Free Reverse Phone Lookup Online

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Spam call perpetrators make a fortune annually from innocent victims. Spam callers use several gimmicks such as pretending to be security operatives or close relatives. This poses a great threat to any mobile phone user. 

Every phone user can build a wall of defense against scammers by using a reverse phone lookup service.

Reverse phone lookup is a search engine algorithm that uses a person’s phone number to extract details about its owner. This is done by comparing the phone number with a wide range of public and online records. These records are obtained from government agencies across local, state, and federal levels.

They not only reveal the caller’s identity but also corroborate this with their personal information like residential address, employment status, and criminal record 

Reverse lookup websites have been proven to be a good countermeasure to scammers. Numerous websites offer this service on the internet, let’s take a look at the best five service providers on the internet

  1. NumLooker – the most preferred destination for reverse lookup services on the internet.
  2. USPhoneLookup – its search algorithm is connected to a wide network of search engine.
  3. USPhoneSearch – It has a wide range of data about US phone numbers.
  4. TheNumberLookup – It is a free reverse phone lookup service that is very easy to use.
  5. PhoneNumberLookupFree –  It is connected to unlimited data records across the states.


Numlooker is the most preferred destination for reverse lookup services on the internet. It has distinguished itself with its excellent services. 

Here is why Numlooker is different from other reverse phone lookup service providers

  • Numlooker Saves a Good Deal of Time and Work: It saves a lot of time. There is no need to comb the internet for any information. It undertakes the task of searching out the relevant information and it does it with ease. 
  • Num looker protects users from scams and frauds: NumLooker is very effective against scammers and fraudsters. It exposes all their details to the public in a few minutes. It also screens out boring telemarketing calls. It is very effective regardless of whether the number is a mobile number, fax, or landline. 
  • Accurate results are displayed by NumLooker: It has been proven to provide accurate information on searched numbers. It can do this because of its extensive database. It gathers data from a variety of trustworthy sources both offline and online. Additionally, it updates its data frequently. This guarantees that search results are always accurate.
  • Numlooker is free: It offers all of these services for free. It not only saves time but resources.


  • Extensive Database
  • Simple to use
  • Fast search results


  • Limited to only US numbers 

Get Accurate Background Information On Spam Callers Using Numlooker.


USPhoneLookup is comparable to none when it comes to search speed. Its search algorithm is connected to a wide network of search engines that simultaneously run through public records and social media websites. This enables it to provide details of searched numbers in less than three minutes.

It is well designed to be easy to use even for one who isn’t internet savvy. It is also compatible with any device; mobile or desktop. The search result is well-detailed; it includes even criminal and debt records of the individual.


  • It is very fast.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with mobile devices.


  • Miss out on some vital information.

USphonelookup Has A Free Reverse Lookup Service Ready 


USPhoneSearch is solely designed for reverse phone lookup. It does not incorporate too many add-on features which enable it to generate data as quickly as possible.

It has a wide range of data about US phone numbers. It has access to public records of numerous agencies across the country. With that, it can identify even the area location of the number searched.

Its report would contain the owner’s details such as full name, residential address, employment status, criminal record, court case, and properties if any.


  • Quick search
  • Extensive database on US numbers 


  • Cannot search non-US numbers
  • Available on the website only.

Find Who Called A Strange Number With USPhoneSearch 


It is a free reverse phone lookup service that is very easy to use. The user interface is stress-free. All that is needed to carry out a reverse lookup search is just to input the number and click on the search icon.

Also, it is the reverse phone lookup service connected to most public records. The lookup service also partners with some cell carriers to provide a legal background check on phone numbers including the present location of the number.

In addition, It is very effective for landline numbers.


  • Effective for landlines
  • Extensive database
  • Doesn’t require any form of registration


  • Relatively New to the industry
  • Free searches are limited

Use NumberLookup To Get A Background Check On Unknown Callers.


It is specially designed for use in the United States. It is connected to unlimited data records across the states. The advanced search engines filter away irrelevant information and provide an up-to-date Record of the phone number.

It provides detailed information on the owner of the phone number. The record includes full name, present and previous residential address, email, social media record, criminal record, and court case.

It is very effective for landlines and mobile phones.


  • Effective for US numbers 
  • Extensive database
  • Advanced search engine


  • Works for only US numbers 
  • Use PhoneNumberLookupFree to get details on spam calls.

Use PhoneNumberLookupFree To Find Out More About The Last Caller.

Best time to use phone reverse lookup 

Reverse phone lookup can be used anytime to get information about a cell phone number. You can connect to them from anywhere across the world and generate data in real time. Aside from the general use, there would be a specific time that there would be a need to carry out a background check on someone. For instance:

  • Potential date: Reverse phone lookup can be very useful when going on a date. It provides background information on the date. Vital information such as
    • Marital status and Divorce
    • Criminal record
    • Court cases 
  • Business deal: For phone numbers attached to businesses, the reverse phone lookup provides information on the legitimacy of the business. It also highlights the assets owned by the company.
  • Private investigation: Reverse lookup sites are very useful to private detectives. They help obtain valuable information about the investigated suspects. It would provide details such as the address, other phone numbers, financial records, and criminal history of the suspect.


With the ease of online reverse phone lookup websites, you no longer have to worry about knowing the details of your callers. Even more exciting to know that you can get access to these services for free in the comfort of your home. 

This post has presented 5 ways of carrying out a phone reverse lookup by recording the best service providers to use. The highlighted tools are completely free and they offer amazing features that will let you know every single detail about an unknown caller. 

You do not have to worry or be anxious about an unknown caller anymore with any of these service providers.

Dikki Loona